Construction Crews Beak Ground on Newport Hospital

Construction crews and engineers have finally broken ground on the new Newport Hospital and Clinic in Newport Beach California. The eighteen acre plot of land with gorgeous ocean views is littered with construction equipment reedy to get to work on the main hospital building. You can see forklifts, aerial lifts, storage containers, portable toilets, and dumpsters everywhere as crews scramble to meet the deadline put on them by the city and management teams. Construction will be going strong for a full year and a half, with construction equipment coming and going from the site. All the construction equipment will be a minor hindrance to the daily life of neighboring communities, but they are doing everything possible to keep the congestion and noise down.

They have hired California Equipment Rentals to oversee and supply all of the construction equipment that will be at the construction site. This will help with outside traffic as equipment is brought to and from the site. California Equipment Rentals has also retrofitted most of their equipment so that the decibel level of their forklifts, aerial lifts, and earth moving equipment will be as quiet as possible for the residents of Newport beach. We are all so very excited that the construction has officially begun, and we look forward to being able to open our doors, god willing, in a year and a half.